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Compact Fluorescent Reflector Bulbs


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  • Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Reflector lamps.
  • Great for recessed lighting applications.
  • Light weight.
  • Turn on instantly.
  • They are rated to last 10,000 hrs [10 times logner than incandecent bulbs].
  • Burns much cooler resulting in further energy savings.
  • They fit easily into standard sockets.
  • Provide a pleasing natural warm color.
  • **20 Watt includes removable lens cap.

Avialable Colors:

  • Warm Color [2700K]
  • Daylight Color [5000K]

Avialable Wattage (Comparison)

  • **20 watts (85-100 Watt incandescent)
  • 23 watts (100-120 Watt incandescent)