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Brand Name: SIR Industries, Inc.

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SIR's Microfluorescent Linkable Lighting System is a fixture that comes in 7 different sizes, wattages and color lamps. The CLS Microfluorescent Linkable Lighting System M-Series is made out of aluminum. The lens cover has a fancy clear and fluted design. These fixtures can be linked together using various different connectors. You can link together any combination of lighting fixtures up to 200 watts per lighting chain. This lighting system is really amazing because it actually allows you to create the perfect lighting configuration to meet you lighting needs.

Microfluorescent Lighting Fixture Details & Specifications:

  • Available in 7 different wattages and sizes: 6 watts/10.5", 8 watts/15.5", 12 watts/19.5", 16 watts/21.5", 20 watts/23.5", 24 watts/35.5", 28 watts/47.5"
  • Width - 3/4"; Height - 1.5"
  • Available in 7 color lamps: Warm White (2700k), Soft White (3500k), Cool White (4100K), Daylight(6400K), Blue, Green, Red
  • Construction of Fixture: Aluminum housing with on/off rocker switch and clear lens cover.
  • Ballast: Each fixture has a small, silent, built-in ballast which provides instant on. There is no flickering.
  • Standard carton contains the light fixture housing, a lamp, lens cover, 2 mounting brackets, 2 screws, and a direct connector.
  • This fixture is non-dimmable.
  • Linkable upto 200 watts
  • Available connectors: Direct connectors (no spacing between fixtures, 6" connectors (6" spacing), 12" connectors (12" spacing), 18" connectors (18" spacing), and 24" connectors. You can combine connectos together if you need longer lengths.
  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 82
  • All Fixtures Are U.L. listed and C-U.L. Listed

How To Install: The system is very easy to install. Just mount both brackets into place with the provided screws and then just snap the fixture into both brackets. Plug one end of the powercord into the outlet and the other end into the fixture, make sure both switches, on the fixture and powercord, are turned on.

Applications: Back lighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting, counter display lighting, curio cabinet lighting, display case lighting, exhibit booth lighting, indirect lighting, light boxes, over cabinet lighting, shelf lighting, showcase lighting, sign lighting, top of cabinet lighting, task lighting, utility lighting, vanity lighting, and window display lighting.